Wolf and the Seven Little Goats - Goat Concept Sketches

Hi All!

Following my previous post - here are some of the preliminary sketches for the goat children. If you are unfamiliar with this fable - you can read it by clicking here! My tailored text breakdown for the book can be found here which I will work alongside to tailor the pages during storyboarding.

I am designing the goat children to have largely the same body shape, soft, round and friendly, with variations in colour, head design and markings, to be as simple as possible in design for the age range this sample will be aimed at.

The following are experimentation into body shape variants, and head shape variants. I had a lot of fun doing the heads in particular - deciding what does and doesn't work. Do you have a favourite?

You can scroll through the images after clicking on one to see them larger!

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