Children's Book Project: The Gypsy Queen

Hi all,

Those of you who follow me on my other social media like instagram already know this, but over the past few weeks I have been working intensely on a new project. This project is a children's book being published over in America entitled 'The Gypsy Queen/La Reina Gitana'. How exciting!

The book is a dual english and spanish book following the adventure holiday of a family (and their dog) across 6 of the USA's West coast states. They have a family van, and a caravan (The Gypsy Queen) which becomes an integral character in it's own right, and very much part of the family.

I'm very excited to be on this contract, though can't share too much at the moment. I am however permitted to share a couple of Works in Progress, see below!

There are some more announcements to come soon unrelated to this project - so keep your ears tuned and your eyes peeled!

Bonnie is my favourite character 

 - Beth

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