Kickstarter: More Designs Added!

We are halfway through the project and we are now more than 1000% funded, which is kind of crazy! As a result I have added a couple more designs, and a free mini pin for all backers pledges for 2 or more pins! So far we have unlocked:

  1. Humpback Whale
  2. Axolotl
  3. Otter
  4. Narwhal
  5. Turtle
  6. Hammerhead Shark
  7. Octopus
  8. Seahorse
  9. Ocean Love (***Freebie***)

I'm blown away by this experience and I'm learning SO much in the process. I'm thriving. Those who know me well, will know I have an extensive enamel pin collection and have been collecting since 2013. I attend Disney park pin releases, get them shipped frequently from 4 continents to my door, and have some exceptionally rarities on my boards! So this project really is such a passion project, it's not really settled in yet that this is happening!

Thank you all for the support so far, currently we have more designs added as stretch goals, so let's see what we can unlock before that timer hits 0!

You can make a new pledge, or manage your existing pledge by clicking here!

Thank you! -Beth
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