I am very  excited ounce that once again, I will be exhibiting my products with KenjiUK. This time I will be in the Arndale Centre, Manchester, during the dates of July 12th - 25th 2021. Last year I was fortunate to exhibit in Kenji Liverpool One, and the response was fantastic! I met plentiful new people and had an overall wonderful experience. I can not wait to branch out to another part of the North West! 

At this event, I will be able to showcase a bunch of new jewellery, as well as an updated view of the Ham plush now that the Kickstarter is nearly finished and pre orders are being taken. 
Hopefully I can see you there - I'll sign off with some photos of the last event! Including a pic of me not knowing how to pose - enjoy! 

New Pins

Very exciting news - we finally have a bunch of new pins available over on my Etsy Shop

The new designs available include all of the 'Chaotic Cutie' designs that were funded through Kickstarter such as the Shiba Inu's, Calico, Tuxedo Cat, and the Raccoons. 

We also have some new Creatures such as the Kraken who first debuted a couple months ago over on my Patreon Pin Club. The Kraken features glitter detailing as well as a little dangling ship!

Do you have gaps in your pin boards or lanyards? No problem! I've created some rainbow heart gap-fillers, as well as a little fun 'Fight me' pink knife. I hope you like em! 

New Necklaces

 We have a bunch of new recycled, wooden statement earrings available over on my Etsy Shop! This time we are visiting the Raccoon, Opossum, Red Fox, Froggy Friends and some totally-in-love kitty cats. These necklaces match the 'Endangered Critters' range which I produced last year, and hang on an 18" chain making them a perfect kitschy statement to any outfit.

You can find my Etsy Shop by clicking here

New Earrings

Over on my Etsy Shop we have a whole new range of fantastical and magical inspired earrings available. We have 'Froggy Friends', 'Fairy Frog Mother', 'Chubby Carousel' unicorns, plus choose from 'Cute as Hell' or 'Cute as Heck' Baphomet designs! Below you can see how they hang, they're a gorgeous size with some featuring charms or bows too! 

You can find my shop by clicking here


This is my Yale Charlie Bear, he says that 'Cute as Heck' are his favourite designs! He's not Baphomet but, they could be distant cousins... right? 

 Ham the Dragonpillar is now available for preorder over on Kickstarter - how exciting! 

He is deluxe, features all kinds of things from sensory crinkle wings, to magnetised paws. He will be fully CE tested and is a perfect friend shape and cuddle buddy! I have everything crossed that we can get this baby funded! 

Click here for the preorder link

Collaboration with KenjiUK!

These are strange times at the moment, however the creative cogs here in house are constantly turning! Throughout Covid19 I am delighted to have kept busy with many product projects and commissions, thank you to everybody who contributed to keeping my small business afloat. 

Following this, I have some great news... During the month of December 2020 I will be selling my product in KenjiUK, Liverpool One in the 'Local Maker' section!  Kenji is a super quirky Japanese inspired store, with everything from plush, to stationary, to claw machines. How exciting! What do

You can see more information here about the store, I can't wait to see you there! 

Patreon Pin Club now live!

 Good evening you gorgeous people!

Finally after many months of planning I am delighted to share that my new monthly enamel pin club is live over on patreon!

For those close to me (or simply who follow my instagram stories), you will know that I am a rather serious pin collector with over 1000 in my personal collection. It's a bit of an obsession at this point. Creating pins is not 'just business' for me, but probably my biggest passion project to date. It's a dream come true!

I have themed my pin club around my best boy, Ham the Dragonpillar! Both myself and local trans writer @Creatoremagico are collaborating as Ham's Humans on this project:

'Ham and his humans are working hard to create something fun and magical to share with the world. So, have you ever met a Dragonpillar? That’s Ham! Half dragon, half caterpillar and roughly the size of a guinea pig. He's a magical little creature that exists just outside the corner of your eye. Exploring (and eating) are his favourite activities, but above all, Ham loves to make friends! 

Each month Ham explores and meets a new creature. Ham's humans translate his stories into a cute themed monthly parcel of goodies for you to collect. This includes a fully illustrated 'letter from Ham' and of course a pin! There will also be surprise patreon-exclusive extras each month.'

I am very excited to continue making community influenced, fun creatures into enamel pins each month. Please consider checking my Patreon out for full details!


Stall Announcment

Much has happened recently in the world of Cindacry Illustration. To name a few, I have started some larger projects which I am hoping to share with you very soon, as well as securing some new stall events!

I have also updated my gallery, please consider taking a look at the fresh portfolio work in there. This includes both a Dragon Orientated Children's Book Collaboration, and dedicated 'Ham the Dragonpillar' section!

I am very excited to share that I will be attending as an artist at both Liverpool Comicon, and MCM Birmingham 2020! This will be my first MCM event, so I am very excited to attend for the first time as a stallholder rather than a guest, or steward. Please find all details and dates below! 

I am doing a major stock refresh, with all merchandise being available at these events first. Anything left over will be available afterwards over on my Etsy!

See you there! I will update on my specific table numbers when I have them! 

Liverpool Comicon

6th - 8th March 2020

Birmingham MCM

21st - 22nd March 2020

Liverpool Echo features

Exciting update - I have two features of my artwork on the Liverpool Echo website. This includes an interview on one of the pages! Please consider having a look, I am so thrilled that my little painting is getting so much interest! The first link is the actual interview I has with one of the reporters, the second is a link to a Gallery of paintings glorifying the city, where my little painting was featured too!

Link to Liverpool Echo Interview
Link to Liverpool Echo Art Feature

Gypsy Queen Children's Book

I have recently had the pleasure of working on a children's book, titled 'The Gypsy Queen', which has just been published in California!

I have had such a fun time illustrating this family adventure book, the prompts were all so fun and imaginative, and the final print came out stunning! Special thanks to my friend at Disney, Megan, for reccomending me for the contract.

I have made a dedicated page within my gallery for this book, please click here to see more about the project including photos, and where you can get a copy! 

Bring on the next project!

Texan Collaboration - Crafty Cats

The past few months have had a lot of exciting opportunities present themselves, I'm very excited to start sharing some of them with you soon!

One of those opportunities was the chance to work with Texas based business Crafty Cats, which creates all kinds of bath soaps, balms, candles and more to fund animal rehabilitation! We have worked on a couple of collaborative projects, including this general illustration for the business for advertising. The image depicts the company owner and her inspiration, her cat, Demetria. 

The business owner, Mandi, also sent me some of their products all the way to the UK to test. Amazing! I'm so impressed with the quality of these items and they smell divine, I knew they had arrived before reading the delivery box because of the lovely smell. Please do go take a look at their work and save some furry lives whilst you're there! 


I've been so thrilled to work with you, Crafty Cats. Thank you.

Click and scroll for full images



Christmas Cards

This week I was posted a sample batch of Christmas cards using my designs, from my partnered charity - Whale and Dolphin Conversation (WDC). How exciting! These cards come in packs of 6, featuring 2 of my past illustrations with a Christmas twist.

If you're stuck for card ideas - consider getting these ones and support whale and dolphin conservation in the process! If you want a pack, find the links below:

White Christmas Cards (Beluga Whale)
Christmas Star Cards (Common Dolphin)

Liverpool Giants Spectacular - Street Performance Participation

This weekend I am assisting in the Liverpool Giants Spectacular, the largest street performance the city of Liverpool will have staged to date!

It is the last time the giants are performing anywhere in the world, and I am so privileged to be a part of it. I am a Benevol, walking with the ‘Big Giant’ every day. Friday in New Brighton, Saturday and Sunday in Liverpool. Please come and share this adventure with me and the giants!

The Giants are owned, and performed through the company Royal de Luxe.


Update after the event

Below is a painting I produced using watercolour and pencils, which was gifted to the core production team (and indirectly to the company director, Jean-Luc Courcolt) during the event.

Events official documentation available at this link

Painted in watercolour, touched up with Faber-Castell coloured pencils

The weekend itself was easily the best of my life. I cried, near constantly, with happy tears by the last day. I have made friends for life. I have walked alongside a 30 ft gentle giant, and been doused with a fire engine with him for his 'bath'.

On the last day, I was so incredibly lucky to be positioned in just the right place to walk alongside the Little Girl Giant in her final walk down the front. I cried the entire walk. When the Giants went to sleep forever, us Benevols all sat front row bawling out eyes out. It was a stunning weekend of performance art, and one the city will never forget. It brought millions into the cities economy.

This experience is something I will hold in my heart forever. I have had the absolute best time of my life. Life does not seem nearly as exciting being 6 ft tall again. Goodbye Giants. I love you so very much.

Picture Slideshow: 

4-7 October 2019

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