The Gypsy Queen


The Gypsy Queen | La Reina Gitana

The Gypsy Queen/La Reina Gitana, written in English and translated into Spanish, is an American adventure across six states: Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Idaho. Featuring the Cervantes, their dog Bonnie and the family camper named "Gypsy Queen", this story is an enthusiastic exploration of the western United States with plenty of fun facts unearthed along the way. Through spirited illustrations, bilingual narrative and personal journal entries, you'll ride along with Pedro, Heather, Penny, Paul and Bonnie as they share the best road trip ever!

Written by Dr Laura Stanton | Illustrated by Beth Armstrong
Backed by the Stanton Foundation


Contractually, I am unable to share any digital examples of pages until later in 2019, however I am able to share with you some photos of the books themselves as a preview!

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