Wanda the Wonderful Witch


Wanda the Wonderful Witch

This project is a collaborative project with writer Saku Smith. Mr. Smith provided the text and I am illustrating samples of the pages with hopes to publish this story as a children's book in the future! As such the full text will be unavailable publicly, however I will include the text that accompanies the double page spreads featured on this page to give context!

I will be producing everything from Character concepts, through character reference sheets, Pagination sheets and final double page spread illustrations, as well as a front/back/spine illustration. 

Please see below for work so far, scroll through images by clicking on one and swiping. All posts relating to this project can be found on this tag.

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Pagination Sheet

This document shows an initial concept for the page flow of this story as a 32 page colouring book. 

Colour Sheets

Colour concepts for the little witch classmates, as taken from one of the double page spreads. Included is linework, flat colours (and palette)and shaded final illustrations.

Final Pages

These are my final pages depicting 3 adjoining double page spreads, and front & back cover mockup. These pages depict Wanda running to the frogs to cry about her differences to her classmates, coming back to the school to ask them to try things her way, then the jubilation of all the little witches when they like it!
Each page works to a 5x7" double page format with bleed.


Materials: Digital Primarily using iPad Pro with Procreate and Apple Pencil. Page Comps and tweaks using Photoshop CC2017, Cintiq 27QHD Touch Tablet.

Contact Email : Cindacry@Gmail.com