Patreon Pin Club now live!

 Good evening you gorgeous people!

Finally after many months of planning I am delighted to share that my new monthly enamel pin club is live over on patreon!

For those close to me (or simply who follow my instagram stories), you will know that I am a rather serious pin collector with over 1000 in my personal collection. It's a bit of an obsession at this point. Creating pins is not 'just business' for me, but probably my biggest passion project to date. It's a dream come true!

I have themed my pin club around my best boy, Ham the Dragonpillar! Both myself and local trans writer @Creatoremagico are collaborating as Ham's Humans on this project:

'Ham and his humans are working hard to create something fun and magical to share with the world. So, have you ever met a Dragonpillar? That’s Ham! Half dragon, half caterpillar and roughly the size of a guinea pig. He's a magical little creature that exists just outside the corner of your eye. Exploring (and eating) are his favourite activities, but above all, Ham loves to make friends! 

Each month Ham explores and meets a new creature. Ham's humans translate his stories into a cute themed monthly parcel of goodies for you to collect. This includes a fully illustrated 'letter from Ham' and of course a pin! There will also be surprise patreon-exclusive extras each month.'

I am very excited to continue making community influenced, fun creatures into enamel pins each month. Please consider checking my Patreon out for full details! 

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