Kenji Arndale Popup

 I am very  excited to announce that once again, I will be exhibiting my products with KenjiUK. This time I will be in the Arndale Centre, Manchester, during the dates of July 12th - 25th 2021. Last year I was fortunate to exhibit in Kenji Liverpool One, and the response was fantastic! I met plentiful new people and had an overall wonderful experience. I can not wait to branch out to another part of the North West! 

At this event, I will be able to showcase a bunch of new jewellery, as well as an updated view of the Ham plush now that the Kickstarter is nearly finished and pre orders are being taken. 
Hopefully I can see you there - I'll sign off with some photos of the last event! Including a pic of me not knowing how to pose - enjoy! 

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