Hey everyone! Just popping in to share some exciting news with you all! I've set up a special con gallery page where I'll be showcasing all the cool stuff I've been working on lately. From fandom charms to sticker sheets, and even a fresh batch of Gacha machine goodies featuring brand new collections - there's a lot to look forward to! 

I've been paying close attention to your requests and suggestions, and I've been busy sketching up ideas based on your feedback. Can't wait to reveal what I've come up with! 

But that's not all - I've also been putting in the hours to create a brand spanking new website where you can find all my con merch, including those awesome new fandom items. Stay tuned because I'll be sharing more details on Instagram and Facebook very soon. And once I do, you'll find all the juicy updates right there on my new site. Keep your eyes peeled! 🚀

Contact Email : Cindacry@Gmail.com